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About me

Name: Vanessa (a.k.a. VaNe)
Age: 21
Birthday: November 17, 1981 (yes in a few days!!)
Sign: Scorpio
Loc: Kendall & Hialeah
School: MDC (yes its now Miami-Dade College) Kendall campus
Gym: Ballys
Kids: Hell no, I love them but not having any yet...
Favorite food: Italian, Mexican, and salads (w.e category that comes under)
Pics: Yes, limited though damned scanners broken
Occ: Fulltime + many hours of O.T. daily at Fp-hell
Stats: Living with my pookie <33333
Likes: Cars, movies, the sun (for tanning not sweating), animals, my friends, traveling and more
Dis-Likes: Shit talkers, jealousy, liars, people who use to abuse, people who don't work and complain about $, and many more
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