Sean Collins (seancollins) wrote in miami_hookups,
Sean Collins

hook up?

Name: C. Collins
Age: 18 (turning 19 on Feb 4th)
Birth: Feb 4th 1985
Status: Single & Looking
Email address:
Website: Sean Collins

About me: I am interesting person looking for a girl to hang out with in the Miami (Miami Lakes preferable) area. I am into anything: movies, clubs, dancing, singing, going out to the mall, shopping at malls, hanging out anywhere, eating at resturants, or just chillin. I am interested in just having fun and seeing where it goes from there. I am a dyke/trans individual, so I am looking for a girl in Miami that is interested in hanging and having fun with a "butch" girl. I refer to myself mainly as a guy and like to be referred to as Sean. So if interested, email me...if you want pix, email me with a trading suggestion. I will not send you a pic unless your willing to trade, other boring pix of me can be found on my site!

Date: I am looking for someone who is romantic, into me, love to hang out and just have a good time.

I hope this can open a windows of opportunities for me, this is just second to actually meeting a girl in real!
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